Student Registrations are open!

Vocal Training Singing Lessons at ProVocals Vocal Academy in Fourways Johannesburg
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Student Registrations are open!

We have a limited amount of lesson slots available, so make sure to book your singing lessons upfront.

If you are sure you want to join ProVocals, please go ahead and register as a student on the Sign Up Page and we will set up your lesson times and student portal immediately. The registration is free of charge and completed online. We will confirm your registration and arrange your lesson times via email.

If you prefer to first do an assessment with us, kindly read the following section. The assessment is free of charge but requires a booking confirmation. The assessments are for us to determine your experience level and for you to check out our facility. Thereafter we customise a training plan suited specifically just for your needs. Your assessment will take approximately 30 minutes.

How to prepare for the assessment

  • Rehearse one song with a backtrack of your choosing.
  • Bring two sheets of lyrics.
  • Bring your backtrack.
  • Complete the assessment booking form below.

If you are unable to attend the assessment at the school, send us your assessment online.

  • Complete the assessment form.
  • Record a video clip of you singing your song.
  • Send the recording to us.
  • Please make sure not to edit or auto-tune your recordings. We will immediately identify edited material and will then request a face-to-face assessment instead.

Should you decide to register with our school, you will receive a profile with login details where you would be able to book your lessons online, manage your account and communicate with your vocal coach directly.

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About ProVocals

ProVocals Vocal Academy is a singing school situated in Fourways. We are passionate about singing and vocal development. Our goal is to train confident singers that will be ready for any stage. Our vocal training is suited for all ages – from beginner to professional. No previous experience required.

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