School Guide, Rules and Policies

The following guides and policies are applicable to all ProVocals Vocal Academy student. If you require any additional information kindly contact us with your enquiry in writing at


If you are planning to join ProVocals Vocal Academy, I encourage you to kindly read through the following documentation to familiarise yourself with the school policies and rules. If you are unsure of anything, please ask me during your first lesson or send me an email at

New Students – Orientation Lesson

All our students will receive an initial orientation lesson on their first visit. During orientation, we will discuss your musical experience, expectations, strengths and weaknesses. We will do a vocal range test, and, with the students’ consent, we will do a video recording of your first song. We record the videos for before and after footage to track the students’ progress. No video or musical footage will be released or shared on social media without consent from the student or the parent. During orientation, we will also discuss your training plan. We will honour your request if you prefer not to be recorded.

Communication Channels

You will find the contact details for your dedicated vocal coach in your student portal profile. You can also contact the academy directly or email me at

Lesson Times

We operate on a tight schedule to accommodate all the students on time. We are unable to overlap your lesson time as the next student will be waiting. Please make sure to be on time for your lesson. If you are late, you will not be able to make up the time missed. You will receive your weekly lesson timeslot once you register with the school. If you need to change your lesson times, please speak to your vocal coach. New lesson times are subject to availability.

Student Waiting Area

If you are early for your lesson, kindly have a seat outside the studio until we call you inside for your lesson.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy for our scheduled lessons. If you cancel your lesson earlier than 72- hours, you will receive a make-up credit. You are then able to reschedule a lesson with the make-up credit. Unfortunately, short notice cancellations will be marked as absent and no make-up credit will be issued. Students can cancel their lessons online on the student portal.

Make-up Credits

A make-up credit is issued if you cancel one of your lessons within our cancellation policy. Make-up credits will appear in your student profile. Each make-up credit is valid for 60 days – credits expire after 60 days without notice. Make-up credits are not refundable or exchangeable for cash.


Students can cancel their lessons and book new slots on their student portal. If however, a student is absent without any communication for 3 consecutive weeks, we will place his account on hold, and the student will lose their allocated weekly lesson slot. If the student would then like to return, they would need to book a new weekly lesson slot. Lesson slots are subject to availability.


Parents and students can view their school account balance on their student portal. All lesson fees are payable by the 1st of the month – Lessons are paid for the month up front. Students will not be able to attend their class if the account is not paid by the 7th of each month. Lessons that are missed while the account is in arrears are not refundable or valid for make-up lessons. We accept cash or EFT Bank Transfers. EFT Banking Details are available on your invoice. Please use the student name and surname as reference for any bank transfers.


We do not issue any refunds for lessons that are missed, marked as absent or remaining make-up credits.

Leaving The School

If you plan to leave ProVocals, please send us written notification via email or text message as soon as possible. Kindly settle any outstanding balances and include the date that you would like to attend your last lesson so that we can free up your lesson slot afterwards. We are unable to place a new student in your slot if you just stay away without any communication, so please help us.

Younger Students

For security and safety, we ask all parents and guardians of younger students to please be at least 5 minutes early for pick-up at the end of their lesson. We don’t have childcare facilities and are unable to keep an eye on younger ones. Parents and guardians are welcome to sit-in on lessons – we have tea, coffee and magazines ready for you.

Online Student Portal

All our students will have access to their own ProVocals student portal and profile. You will receive your login details after registration. Students can use the student portal to:

Cancel and book lessons
View lesson notes and feedback
View their lesson calendar
Read school emails
View their account balance
Download class content (Vocal exercises, lyrics etc)
Read latest school news
Update their details

Calendar Sync

If you would like your lessons to automatically sync to your calendar on your smartphone, tablet or computer, please set it up on your student portal or let us assist you in the studio.


There are free tea and coffee in the studio for students and their guests. We have a waiting area in the studio for parents and guests to watch the lesson. There is a bathroom available just outside the studio.

School Guests / Parents

Students are welcome to bring parents, friends or family to watch their lesson. We will, however, appreciate the guests not to distract the student during lesson times. It’s advisable not to have more than 5 guests per lesson.

Class Material

Students can download class material from their student portal. This includes their vocal warmups, vocal exercises, lyric sheets and other media. We recommend students bring their own backtracks for their songs, or we can source backtracks at a fee and it will be placed in their student portal media library. We recommend each student to have a folder that they bring to class for any notes, lyrics and training material we might issue during class.

Workshops, Events and Other School Activities

Throughout the year, we will plan and host a variety of related workshops, events and activities.
The workshop packages include beverages, snacks and meals for every day and will usually span one or more full days of intense specialised training on specific topics. Our students will receive notifications of upcoming workshops and have access to preferred seating and discounted rates.
We will host two school talent show evenings each year for students to invite their friends and family to watch them perform.

School Holidays and Public Holidays

We will address any holiday arrangements on your student portal, our studio notice board and via email communication.