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The advanced vocal development course for serious singers

ProVocals Vocal Academy is proud to present our flagship part-time singing course starting from May 2021. Ultimate Vocals is a three-month vocal training program focused on developing vocal control and techniques. Learn how to develop a rich vocal tone and stretch your vocal range. We cover over 50 vocal training topics and techniques. Don’t miss out – Limited seats available per course.

Course Description

Get ready to join one of the most comprehensive vocal training courses available. Boost your singing career to new heights with Ultimate Vocals. The best three-month vocal training program that will enhance your technique and help you become the professional singer of your dreams.

My name is Ryno, I am the founder and vocal coach of ProVocals Vocal Academy. I am excited to announce that I am launching my brand new flagship vocal training course called – Ultimate Vocals. 

The Ultimate Vocals course was meticulously designed to take aspiring singers from all stages and help them reach their goals of becoming a confident, knowledgeable singer. 

This is a part-time course that runs over three months of intensive vocal development training in my music rehearsal studio situated in Fourways, Johannesburg. During these three months, we cover all the nitty-gritty details of your voice, your singing and your performance. We cover a total of 50 training modules that will empower you to become a singer with a strong vocal foundation.

Your voice is unique. As a singer, your voice is your asset. Ultimate Vocals will provide you with the building blocks to grow your voice, develop rich tones, maintain good vocal health and stretch your vocal range. 

Don’t miss out – book your seat today!

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Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Instrument: The Voice
  3. Posture
  4. Singing Terms and Definitions
  5. Vocal Health And Wellness
  6. Healthy Rehearsal Routines
  7. Mic Technique Training
  8. Gig Equipment Training
  9. Psychology of Singing
  10. Basic Music Theory for Vocalists
  11. Vocal Fachs
  12. Vocal Warmups
  13. Constriction in Your Throat
  14. Ear Training
  15. What is Pitch, how to find it
  16. Tempo and Timing
  17. Lip and Tongue Exercises
  18. Breathing Techniques
  19. Breath Management
  20. Stage Fright
  21. Vocal Registers
  22. The Passagio
  23. Finding Your Voice
  24. Vocal Dynamics
  25. Singer Expressions
  26. Listening vs. Hearing
  27. Relax, Don’t Rush
  28. Vocal Tract Shaping
  29. Open Vowel Sounds
  30. Vowel Placements
  31. Vowel Modifications
  32. Vowel Exercises
  33. What is Vocal Resonance
  34. Weak Notes and Lazy Singing
  35. Note Sustains
  36. Vocal Onsets
  37. Consonants
  38. Breathy Singing & Vocal Compression
  39. Attack vs Finding Notes
  40. Projection
  41. Vibrato
  42. Distortion and Grit
  43. Vocal Licks and Runs
  44. Sing Different Genres
  45. Reading Lyrics vs Performing
  46. Learning Song Lyrics
  47. Harmonies
  48. Arranging Background Vocals
  49. You and Your Sound Engineer
  50. Sound checks

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ProVocals Vocal Academy Studio

35 Swallow Drive



South Africa

Course Running Dates

The Ultimate Vocals course will run three times per year. Below are the dates of the scheduled runs for 2021.

The course duration is 3 months in total. Classes are on the first 4 Saturdays of the month – from 10am to 2pm.

Run 1

Start Date: 6 February 2021
End Date: 24 April 2021

Run 2


Start Date: 8 May 2021
End Date: 24 July 2021

Run 3


Start Date: 4 September 2021
End Date: 27 November 2021

Ultimate Vocals: The Course

The advanced 3-month vocal development course for serious singers
R 9 500
  • 48 Hours of Vocal Training
  • Sing on professional concert equipment
  • Overcome Stage Fright
  • Develop harmonies and vocal techniques
*New Course

Would you like to join the Ultimate Vocals course?

The advanced vocal development course for serious singers

Please book a vocal assessment if you would like to join the Ultimate Vocals Course. We require all candidates to complete a vocal assessment before they can register for the course.  Please click on the assessment button to book your vocal assessment. 

Join South Africa's best vocal training course that will make you a better singer. The best vocal development and singing course available.

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Best Singing Training Course • Ultimate Vocals • ProVocals Vocal Academy

Join the best vocal training course. Take your singing career to new heights with Ultimate Vocals. A 3-month vocal training program that will enhance your voice and help you become a professional singer.

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