Group Singing Lessons

Fun and social! Our group lessons are informative and productive with a twist of fun. Open to complete beginners to professional singers from 16 years and up!

Group Singing Lessons Description

The fun and social way of singing

Our group singing lessons are fun, friendly and quite a social gathering. During group lessons we will help you strengthen your vocal abilities and build confidence in a shared learning environment.

You’ll learn how to nurture, warm-up and practice your voice while learning how to apply techniques that’ll improve the quality of your vocal tone. 

As a group, we will rehearse both the harmony and solo sections of a chosen song. Each group student will have the opportunity to be the lead solo singer of the song and also part of the backing vocalists of the song. 

During group lessons, we get the opportunity to learn from each other. We share our strengths and our weaknesses as singers, and we build on that.

Social Group singing lessons to become a better singer and harmony vocalist in Johannesburg South Africa

Monthly Rate


This is the monthly rate for group singing lessons per student

Once-Off Rate


This is a once-off group lesson rate. A great option for ad-hoc lessons.

Lesson Duration

2 Hours

4 Group lessons per month of 2 hours each. Under half capacity group lessons might finish earlier.

Days and Times

Mon or Thurs

* 6-8 pm in the evenings

Suitable Ages

16 Years +

Group lessons are best suitable for 16 years and older

Suitable Levels

Beginners +

Our group singing lessons are suited for complete beginners to professional singers

Students need to complete a vocal assessment to join ProVocals. After the assessment, the student will be notified of which training option they qualified for. 

What's Included

A weekly 2 hour group singing lesson at the ProVocals studio. Group sessions might finish early if it's under half capacity.

Group singing lessons provide the opportunity to practice harmonies and perform duets and solos in a shared learning environment.

You’ll gain access to our student portal which will enable you to follow your vocal training regime at home, and help you prepare for your weekly classes.

Each student will receive a vocal assessment prior to their first group singing lesson, and will be continuously assessed to track growth & development.

Why Group?

Group singing lessons to learn harmonies and backing vocals - the best singing lessons in Johannesburg, Sandton South Africa


Any singers’ biggest challenge is to sing in front of others. Group singing helps develop confidence and self-esteem


Group singing evenings are fun, relaxing and great for meeting others with the same musical interests

Harmonies & Duets

The group singing lessons are great for learning and practicing  your harmonies. We also practice duets. 

Shared Learning

In the group environment we all share our musical challenges and experiences. We learn from each other. We encourage each other.

Book an Assessment to join our group singing lessons

An assessment is required for anyone that would like to join ProVocals Vocal Academy. It gives you the opportunity to meet your vocal coach and to check out the studio. 

During the assessment we will explain our training routine and also answer any related questions.

We will perform a short note recognition test, and we would like you to sing a very short section of any song.